Information for August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse

General Eclipse Information

Below are numerous links to sites with information for safely viewing the solar eclipse in August. I'll try to divide this into two groups. The first is glasses, filters, and other viewing devices. The second is general information (maps, posters, etc.). These lists are great sources of information to help publicize the eclipse and spread the word about safely viewing it.

Please read the general safety material closely and carefully! Welding glasses and goggles are NOT recommended! Recommended glasses are available for a few dollars. Screw-on or slip-on filters for cameras, telescopes, binoculars etc. start around $20.00. You can also make viewing devices where kids will enjoy the hands on work and at minimal cost (great family, scout, or class project).

Please do not put your equipment or non-replaceable eyes at risk!

General Information:


NASA Safety
Safety Publications
NASA Interactive Google Map

Best places to view — Great American Eclipse

Where is the best place to see the 2017 eclipse? This is the most frequently asked question about the Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017.
Best Places to View

USA - 2017 August 21 Total Solar Eclipse - Interactive Google Map - Xavier Jubier
Interactive Google Map by Xavier Jubier

Information for safe viewing of the August Solar Eclipse

Safe viewing:

Astronomy Magazine

My Science Shop

Southern Illinois University

> Items to View the Sun Safely and for Purchase

Astronomical Society

Build a Sun Funnel

Rainbow Symphony

Rainbow Symphony - Diffraction Glasses | Custom Options
Eclipse Glasses

Since Rainbow Symphony was founded by a passionate eclipse chaser, we know all about creating effective and safe eclipse glasses for viewing any solar event. Eclipse glasses are among the coolest giveaway items for companies and institutions promoting themselves, since they’re affordable, useful, and customizable! Place an order for these solar glasses before the next eclipse this August and promote your business while helping people discover the magic of the natural world.

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